Sunday, January 31, 2010

Los Angeles Go Green Expo

Karinna at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Go Green Expo January 24th, 2010

**Go Green!** It's the statement of the millenium, born with Gen X, and leaping to the next level with Gen Y. Last weekend, I attended the Go Green Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center--the first convention center in the U.S. to be awarded LEED Green Building Certification for existing buildings by the USGBC. The South Hall was filled with businesses dedicated to social, global, and environmental responsibility displaying their products and services. From eco-bags, to eco-bottles, to eco-friendly food and drink, to candles that melt down to lotion, to vegan cooking classes, and that was only in the first aisle! There were sections dedicated to Pets, Solar Panels, Clothing, Automobiles, and Wind power. I even had the pleasure of seeing Mariel Hemingway speak to us about the connection between Self and environment and all of her experiences finding her true mission in life. It was a memorable experience for a "green-savvy" girl like me.

I enjoyed some Vegan Kabobs from One World Veggie West Covina and discovered an amazing Eco-Water Bottle with built in filter; then tasted some treats from Blue Hen Vietnamese in Eagle Rock and met the founder/creator of Vapur Water, David Czerwinski.


Of all the products I saw at the Go Green Expo, I have found my new Green-Eco Bags the most useful. I was fortunate to meet the owner and founder of Green-Eco Products, Nan Zinn. In my green-mission, one of my goals is to reach the average person and help them see how even small changes in our everyday lives can make a positive global impact if we all dedicate ourselves to eco-responsibility! By using products like Green-Eco bags in our everyday life, we are making a statement and eventually making a huge positive impact on our climate change crisis. Be a responsible citizen of the earth--it's easy, rewarding, and Eco-Stylish!

These eco-bags are made of a high quality fiber called Jute. Jute is second only to cotton in global consumption, usage, production, and availability! I have used my new bags several times and they are very durable and hold the heaviest grocieries. I would have used at least 5 plastic bags on this amount of groceries! Imagine if we all took this issue more seriously. In addition to durability, these Green-Eco Bags are naturally 100% biodegradable and recyclable, making them environmentally friendly. For more information on the bags, please visit

If you missed the West Coast Go Green Expo, the next stop is New York City in March!

Vive Verde! Live Green!


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