Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Karinna's 30-day Vegan Challenge!

The CHALLENGE begins August 1st!!

In 2007, I made a lifestyle shift that changed my life!  I chose to eliminate all processed, unhealthy, animal-based foods from my diet permanently!  My energy level soared; I slowed down the effects of aging which showed in my skin, hair, stamina, endurance, and figure; I cleansed out my system and removed harmful toxins, I regulated my organs and reached optimum health within a year; I shocked my doctors and my friends who saw me at my heaviest weight after carrying and giving birth to 3 children within 23 months and losing all extra weight 4 months after having the twins!  Soon after going 100% plant-powered, I became inspired to help others and started a little blog called Verdelicious ("Green and Delicious") and hosted meetups to promote healthy eating and eco-friendly living.

Back then, there were ZERO mainstream vegan restaurants, very few blogs, and NO vegan food sections in the grocery store.  I made everything from scratch from whole foods and farmers market ingredients.

Now, 7 years later, going Vegan is HOT.  Vegan restaurants are easily accessible and Vegan foods are even available in your supermarket and warehouse store!  Even Bill Gates is investing in "Meatless Meat!" by supporting the company Beyond Meat. Celebrities everywhere are taking Vegan Challenges to see how living and eating "CLEAN" can make them feel.  Oprah, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Samuel L Jackson, Ellen, Dennis Kucinich, Bill Clinton...all examples of influencers who have gone fully vegan or took the vegan challenge.  Do you want to perform at your FULLEST potential?  I believe it takes at least one month to see results and regulate your GI tract, get over the cravings, cleanse your palate, and start to feel the energy surge.

I'm launching a 30-day challenge in August to help you incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet.  You don't need to commit to a lifetime of giving up your healthy seafood or cage-free eggs, or free-range meats...simply commit to 30 days of PURITY and clean eating for YOU, for your community, local economy, and for the planet.  Going Vegan even a few days a week brings a circle of compassion around you and impacts all of these things.

Vegan is not a diet, Vegan is a lifestyle of peace, compassion, and health.   For those of you truly considering making the transition for life, going vegan also means you care for the planet around you and make choices that help your local economy and don't harm the environment,

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