Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All Opportunities are Not Equal

This is a warning call to society and mostly to all the girls out there with a mission, with a goal, with a dream and passion to attain it.

My mission and dream begins with my childhood, growing up in a loving, caring, affluent family with parents who never drank, never smoked, and instilled in me the highest of morals. I was taught to care for others, to respect my elders, and to always choose the high road without ever lowering myself to fight for a cause. I developed a fondness for the planet and all living creatures, a rebellious spirit, and a desire to uncover truths hidden by greed. In my day to day choices now, I use those values to evaluate the opportunities I create and the ones presented to me.

I've been able to see through the perverse nature of some troubled individuals trying to manipulate and control young women and use their beauty for their benefit. Unfortunately, some young girls fall for these schemes and are swiftly taken under a whirlwind sad and viscious cycle which will deplete their spirit and exploit their physical beauty. Then guess what happens to their "message?" It's ruined. Tainted. Under no circumstances should women lower their morals for a buck.

It is time for society to WAKE UP and see what this is doing to our children and our future. Why is it that men can be so quick to exploit women and yet if their daughters were caught doing the same, they would disapprove? It is because there is a double standard in American Society.

So, all opportunities are not created equal and this is why I turn things down regularly. Guess what? Sex sells, but I'm not trying to sell sex. I'm trying to help the planet, help increase your longevity, improve the level of compassion in the world, and this global message I have is not going to be effective if I allow one society to exploit my appearance.

On to the NEXT...


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