Sunday, January 31, 2010

Los Angeles Go Green Expo

Karinna at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Go Green Expo January 24th, 2010

**Go Green!** It's the statement of the millenium, born with Gen X, and leaping to the next level with Gen Y. Last weekend, I attended the Go Green Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center--the first convention center in the U.S. to be awarded LEED Green Building Certification for existing buildings by the USGBC. The South Hall was filled with businesses dedicated to social, global, and environmental responsibility displaying their products and services. From eco-bags, to eco-bottles, to eco-friendly food and drink, to candles that melt down to lotion, to vegan cooking classes, and that was only in the first aisle! There were sections dedicated to Pets, Solar Panels, Clothing, Automobiles, and Wind power. I even had the pleasure of seeing Mariel Hemingway speak to us about the connection between Self and environment and all of her experiences finding her true mission in life. It was a memorable experience for a "green-savvy" girl like me.

I enjoyed some Vegan Kabobs from One World Veggie West Covina and discovered an amazing Eco-Water Bottle with built in filter; then tasted some treats from Blue Hen Vietnamese in Eagle Rock and met the founder/creator of Vapur Water, David Czerwinski.


Of all the products I saw at the Go Green Expo, I have found my new Green-Eco Bags the most useful. I was fortunate to meet the owner and founder of Green-Eco Products, Nan Zinn. In my green-mission, one of my goals is to reach the average person and help them see how even small changes in our everyday lives can make a positive global impact if we all dedicate ourselves to eco-responsibility! By using products like Green-Eco bags in our everyday life, we are making a statement and eventually making a huge positive impact on our climate change crisis. Be a responsible citizen of the earth--it's easy, rewarding, and Eco-Stylish!

These eco-bags are made of a high quality fiber called Jute. Jute is second only to cotton in global consumption, usage, production, and availability! I have used my new bags several times and they are very durable and hold the heaviest grocieries. I would have used at least 5 plastic bags on this amount of groceries! Imagine if we all took this issue more seriously. In addition to durability, these Green-Eco Bags are naturally 100% biodegradable and recyclable, making them environmentally friendly. For more information on the bags, please visit

If you missed the West Coast Go Green Expo, the next stop is New York City in March!

Vive Verde! Live Green!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Delphine Eatery & Bar Opens Tonight!

Innovative Dining Group's Newest Hollywood Hotspot debuts to the public tonight, January 28th, 2010! I was fortunate to have a sneak peak dinner last Monday with an exclusive tour of the restaurant and it's two lounges: Station Hollywood and The Living Room by Tom Cardenas, Vice President of IDG! Located within the luxurious W Hotel Hollywood, set to open tonight, Delphine is an elegant yet breezy and refreshing retreat sure to transport you to the French Riviera with it's Mediterranean cuisine and classy ambiance. Not your typical Brasserie--this is a world-class experience!
I recommend making reservations weeks in advance! Call (323) 798-1355

Please read my review below or at CitySearch, Yelp, or UrbanSpoon!
**I typically take my meat-lover friends out to dine with me so that we may get the full gourmet experience; and so my readers will see that although these talented Chefs take pride in "Veganizing" dishes for me, you can enjoy their meat or seafood traditional specialties as well!**

{Photo Courtesy:}

Travel to the French the heart of Hollywood!

The brand new W Hollywood is home to the hottest new restaurant in Southern California: Delphine Eatery & Bar. It is reminiscent of a Brasserie in the South of France. Driving up on Hollywood Blvd, you can't miss the red W at the top of the Hotel. Valet and enter through the W Hotel, or you can enter the restaurant from Hollywood Blvd: you'll find a great bar on your left with frosted glass windows behind it and a host stand on your right staffed by gorgeous ladies smiling and happy to answer any questions you may have.

There are a few tables in the bar area which would be great for stopping in for breakfast or lunch or even a nice cocktail in the evening. Further ahead is the dining room at a slightly lower level. As you enter the dining room, you'll notice a wall size mirror on your left on which the specials of the day will be written!

Massive framed mirrors and huge canvas photographs of the French Riviera line the walls. The tables are spacious, booths are comfortable--every seat has a great view of the open floor plan.

There will be a Delphine patio outside as well! The flooring is quite unique, very chic, very French, light blue and bone white intricate design. The overall ambiance is very elegant and refined, yet relaxed and soothing!

Executive Chef Sascha Lyon (of NY's Michelin three-star Daniel, Balthazar and Pastis) has put together an amazing dinner menu and also serves Breakfast and Lunch. The restaurant opens at 6:30 a.m. and stays open late.

Proving once again that even Vegetarians and Vegans can fully enjoy gourmet restaurants, I ordered the Marinated Olives and Peppers, Rapini, Eggplant, and Tomato. The Rapini dish was absolutely delicious. Sweet peppers, spicy rapini, savory eggplant: taste buds were in heaven!
My date had the Caesar salad with Bacon for starters and said it was sensational!

We were able to order champagne and wines by the glass -- Delphine boasts a spectacular wine list!

My server, Nick (awesome), informed me that the chef would combine two menu items to suit my vegan palate: The Penne Puttanesca (w/ tomato olives and garlic) with the Mushroom Ravioli base (Butternut squash, hazelnuts and olive oil instead of the sage brown butter). The penne was cooked perfectly! Creaminess of the Butternut squash, crunchiness of the Hazelnuts and the meaty Mushrooms were a pleasing combination!
My friend ordered the Striped Bass Aigo Bouido (crispy layer, and tender meat, outstanding sauce). I will return again soon and try the Escalavida Pizza!! The grand opening will be on January 28th, I recommend calling ahead for reservations!!

The overall experience was exceptional! After dinner we walked over to the Living Room in the lobby of the W Hotel...stunning! Tall Ceilings, huge spiral staircase, gorgeous chandelier, couches and pillows make you feel like you are at home...a chic, fun lounge sure to be a big hit for star-studded Hollywood parties!

Congratulations Innovative Dining Group on another huge success!

"Zinn" Lives On!

I'll never forget the feeling of awakening I felt as a 9th grader in High School the day I purchased my very first copy of A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn. Unable to put the book down, I read with amazement the words of a pioneer, a social activist, a paradigm breaker, a man who encouraged us to question authority! His People's History presented history through the eyes of those unspoken for, unheard, and forgotten.
The status quo among the general population had always been to read your history books and trust them as holding true facts. Howard Zinn inspired me to break from those "Intimately Oppressed," incite a "Kind of Revolution," and always speak out against those "Persons of Mean and Vile Condition."

Thank you, Howard Zinn, for having the COURAGE, PASSION, and INTEGRITY to shine a new light on so many political issues in the world: from racism, to poverty, to war, to moral injustice, to social responsibility!

Few individuals inspire me to ask "what would they do, think, or say" on a subject. Howard Zinn was one of those individuals to whom I often referred when reading college texts or watching reported news. What would Howard Zinn have said about this...?

Howard Zinn has passed away but his legacy of challenging the status quo will live on! We all have a limited time here to put our efforts to work, we must make each moment of our lives count!

Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show San Francisco

I am looking forward to being involved in the 35th Annual NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show January 17 - 19 2010. Twenty-four thousand people are expected to attend the event held at Moscone Center in San Francisco. This is the place to be for foodies, restaurateurs, food & beverage businesses, distributors, and buyers of Specialty Foods! There will be about 250,000 products on display and about 2,500 exhibitors.

Being the "Green-lover" that I am, I am most excited see all the new green, natural, organic, and sustainable food products that will hopefully soon be available to us in fine restaurants, supermarkets, health food stores, and other retail outlets.

Follow me on and where I will be posting updates and photos throughout the event!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Luscious, Creamy, Exquisite AVOCADO!

I'm in love with Avocados!
Perhaps it's the gorgeous green color of the meat; perhaps it's the smoothness hiding inside that rough outer shell; perhaps it's the mysterious way they can take on different flavors; or maybe it's just the versatility and all the nutrients Avocados deliver into my body. Whatever quality it is that has me most infatuated, it's got me dreaming up new and different ways to create taste bud adventures with Avocados!
Avocados are a great source of healthy fats, contain NO Cholesterol, and NO Sodium! Sure, they're high in calories--that means energy! When you Go Vegan, you need healthy fatty acids and calories. If you eat Cheese, Butter, or Sour Cream -- you're getting more calories and unneccessary fat with little vitamins and no phytonutrients. Try an Avocado spread instead!
Avocados are nutrient dense! Add Avos to your burgers, dips, spreads, salads, tacos, wraps, smoothies, or pasta dishes...the delicious possibilities are endless!
Verde y Delicioso!

Insights for a New Year and a New Decade!

I'm driven! When I say DRIVEN, I mean: When I want something, I show it!
I go and I get it!

Time doesn't stop me, physical boundaries don't even stop me. I'm living proof that INTENTION and an unstoppable DESIRE to reach a goal create a powerful mind-over-matter state of existence.
Financial goals, Physical goals, Relationship goals--all possible if you sieze your power. Take the reigns today!

There are times in your life when you must evaluate EVERY relationship closely affecting your daily activities and decide which ones benefit your ultimate success and which ones are hindering you!

Passion and Desire are GREAT Motivators: but a desire without considerable thought and sound logic backing it up is detrimental to reaching your full potential.

Ultimately, YOU are the creator of your future. You awaken each morning at the dawn of a fresh new day filled with possibilities.

**The world is your Canvas...Paint a Masterpiece...don't waste one moment!**

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly WOW: Words of Wisdom 01.04.10

Happy New Year!

As we enter into this new year, we expect to succeed, we expect to do well, prosper, and be happier than our last year!

Every January, millions of us resolve to be more healthy, to be more productive, spend more time with family, quit bad habits--among other New Years Resolutions. However, I would like to remind you that focusing on inner peace is the most important way to start this year! Without a sense of inner harmony with ourselves as we are NOW, we will always be searching for external things to make us happy. This is not religion-based, this is very simple and natural. It is a fundamental need to find true happiness. Find that true happiness inside your quiet Self. Once you reach that inner peace, your possibilities will be endless!


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