Monday, April 27, 2015

Stay Healthy This Spring with Nature's Powerful Antibiotic

You may be using this powerful herb in your favorite Mediterranean dishes or growing it in your garden, but Oregano Oil is also a powerful antimicrobial.  A few drops taken daily can boost your immune system and help you fight infection!

Oil of Oregano is derived from the perennial herb which is part of the Mint Family (Lamiaceae).  It is native to Europe but grows well here in Southern California as well.  The word, Oregano, comes from the Greek "oros," mountain, and "ganos," brightness/joy.  

Oil of Oregano can fight against:
* Sinus infections and colds,
* Parasitic infections,
* Foot and Nail fungus
* UTI's
* Respiratory infections
* Staphylococcus A
* Salmonella
* Listeria
* E. Coli
* Insects and insect bites

Oil of Oregano has powerful antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties.  It also contains antioxidant phytochemical compounds called phenols, including Thymol, and Carvacrol.  
Try 2-4 drops on your tongue or diluted into water or juice.  Oil of Oregano is very strong and spicy; be careful if you are sensitive to strong flavors.  You can also create an Oil of Oregano rub for skin infections or rashes, or just to keep your hands sanitized.  Mix a few drops of Oil of Oregano into a carrier like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and blend together with a ratio of 1 part Oregano oil to 3 parts Coconut Oil.  This mixture can be as effective as your typical Hand Sanitizer.

It is important to note that Oil of Oregano is not recommended for children or pregnant women.  Always consult a healthcare professional before using any new wellness routine.

Stay healthy and boost your immune system this season!

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