Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vegan Foodie Adventures: Seabirds Kitchen Costa Mesa, CA

As a mommy of three vegan environmentalists-in-training who love veggies just like me, it's easy for me to find a spot for lunch.  We have our favorites here in Orange County; but today, we chose Seabirds Kitchen at The LAB Anti Mall in Costa Mesa.
Seabirds started as a very popular food truck and recently opened Seabirds Kitchen here in the heart of the OC.  Founder Stephanie Morgan's passion is providing locally sourced veggies and reducing the amount of time from farm to table.  The menu is fresh, light, lean, and revolutionary!  You'll find amazing Grilled Street Corn, Cold Zucchini Noodles, Burnt Brussels Sprouts, Squash Blossoms and a few other items on the small plates menu.  Entrées include a Local's Bowl, Portobello Mole Quesadilla and Tempeh + Shiitakes.  Salads are unique, desserts are delish and even the drinks are one of a kind.  The most impressive menu item for me is the Jackfruit Tacos.  

The Beer Battered fried Avocado tacos are a close second.  But let me just prepare you, Jackfruit is the CARNE ASADA of the Future!  It is no surprise that multi-billionaires are investing in companies which produce meatless meat.  Bill Gates blog, written by Gates himself, says the Future of Food is Vegan.  James Cameron and his wife have invested in a fully plant-based school!  Meat consumption is growing at a dangerously exponential rate and whether you are a Vegan warrior like me, or you just want to make a difference in the world and make an impact, Vegan alternatives are the way to go! 

Jackfruit has taken me by surprise.  I first heard about it from my friend Robert Cheeke, over at Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness, when he posted a photo on his Instagram and Facebook page.  My first experience with Jackfruit was here at Seabirds a few weeks ago for their Taco Tuesday special.  Being the Vegan Foodie that I am, of course I posted a picture of my Taco and all my friends and followers went crazy!  "THAT is Vegan??"  "Now I could eat THAT!"   The texture is absolutely meaty, carne asada-like, and shreds just like meat.  Everyone is different, but although I haven't had a shred of animal flesh in years, I do like some of my foods to have a meaty texture.  This will satisfy that craving for you.

We also ordered the Local Bowl with brown rice, black beans, and delicious Dinosaur Kale, topped with Coconut Bacon. YES BACON!!
Double Trouble

Overall, Seabirds is awesome and I hope you will visit.  The Lab is a semi-outdoor shopping center labeled an "Anti-Mall."  Complete with a Buffalo Exchange, Urban Outfitters, and the eclectic and unique Habana restaurant on one end, The Lab is a fun destination where you can dine and find some interesting clothes, accessories, vinyl, and collectibles.

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