Monday, November 23, 2009

Season for Giving

These have been difficult times for so many families in Southern California and around the country. Especially during the holidays, people who have been struggling throughout the year, are now faced with the most difficult fact to face: their children may not get to experience the joys of the Holidays! Every year, I donate (toys, food, or $ if I can) and volunteer my time to a local foodbank or shelter. Charities that help the needy are facing shortages this year more than ever.

I have put together a list of websites with information on how you can help! What could be a more beautiful gift than to put a smile on a child's face and help wipe away the tears from a struggling mother's eyes? Remember, even a $20.00 donation could feed a family or two.

*Shelters are also a great place to donate or volunteer. Most of us think of homeless people as drug addicts living on the sidewalks; but there are many children living in shelters as well! Please do it for the Children!!!

Volunteer Los Angeles -- General information with phone numbers for various charities

LA Fights Hunger Food Bank

California Food Banks -- Food bank information for ALL of California

Project Angel Food

San Diego Food Bank

CA Association of Food Banks

Orange County Rescue Mission

Salvation Army

Season of Sharing

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Thank you!

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