Monday, November 2, 2009

Kids LOVE Fruits ... and Veggies too!

They really do! With their young untainted taste buds, they quickly develop a fascination with the textures, sensations, and flavors in a variety of veggies. The key is to introduce them early! Veggies and Fruits can be crunchy, squishy, slimy, wiggly, sweet, sour, and always nutritious!

*Start early! It might sound funny, but I add "sprinkles of joy" (soy lecithin granules, flax meal, or wheat germ) to some of the kids meals. And my toddler twins call colorful bell peppers "God's Candy" because they are so sweet. When they ask for "candy," they are asking for Red Bell Pepper slices!

*It's easy to get creative when you add a healthy dip! Try celery sticks in homemade walnut or cashew butter or sliced raw zucchini in marinara. Finger Foods are always a big hit with little ones.

*Toddler moms: make a blindfold game of "guess the veggie stick" and ask them to describe the textures and tastes!

*Pack healthy snacks in your school aged kids' eco-lunch tote!

*Picky eaters? Parents have to get creative sometimes! Add spinach to any baked breads, muffins, or cookies. Add soy lecithin, soy protein powder, or wheat germ to pancakes, cereals, milkshakes, or rice!

In this society, too many children are exposed early to sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed meats, and fast food! It's no wonder many children develop a dislike of vegetables! It is never too late to start, so please give your kids a chance at a well-balanced, healthy life and eliminate the dislike and fear of vegetables. Remember, most importantly, never force a child to eat something they don't like. Give them time, and be persistent, not forceful. Lead by example, savor a carrot or other veggie in front of a child and watch their fascination and curiosity. They will be thinking "hmmm, i wonder what that tastes like!!"

Have fun with your kids and make veggies FUN!

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Great Tips Karinna! :)


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