Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mighty Mushrooms!

Are you aware of the numerous health benefits of mushrooms? Mushrooms of all shapes and sizes are one of my favorite foods!

Here are Karinna's Top Ten Reasons to Fall in Love with Mushrooms (ok, Not all Types--i'm 100% drug free!)

# 10 Super High in Potassium (more than bananas!)

# 9 Great source of Copper (good for your Corazon)

# 8 High in Selenium (Anti-Prostate Cancer!)

#7 High in Riboflavin and Niacin and Zinc!

#6 Boost your Immune System! (Especially Shiitakes)

#5 They make a great vitamin-packed stock and they can be stuffed! (Non-veg: Crab Veg: Tempeh)

#4 They help fight Aging! (Antioxidants fight off the free radicals in our bodies caused by stress and environmental agents)

#3 Most are inexpensive but you can really impress your friends with more fancy Chantrelles, Shiitakes, Oyster, and the UltraSexy and $$ Truffles which sell by the GRAM.

#2 They pair deliciously with all types of Wine depending on which type: buttery, light colored mushrooms like Chantrelles go great with a Pinot Grigio and a Portabello or Crimini pairs phenomenally with a Merlot. Pair a Shiitake dish with a Sake/Champagne cocktail!!

#1 Ultimate #1 Reason to Love Mushrooms: They contain properties that supress enzymes that stimulate cancer cells in breast or prostate! YES: Mushrooms (especially plain old White Button ones) have Anti-Carcinogenic and Tumor fighting properties!

At the Cellular Level, Mighty Mushrooms FIGHT CANCER!

For Memorial Day weekend, while everyone may be grilling up ground beef, i'll be marinating and grilling big scrumptious Portabellos! Enter tomatoes, avocadoes, juicy onions, and a teriyaki glaze and we've got a tastebud adventure! I'm making Sweet Potato fries to go along with.

*Tip: To remove the stem of a portabello (be careful not to split the cap); hold face down with one hand and slightly jiggle the stem with the other hand clockwise until it loosens.

Vegan Cheers to You!

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