Sunday, May 31, 2009

Flex Your Diet

There's a hot new craze that's spreading like wildfire: It's for all of you who can't imagine living the rest of your lives without meat. Especially during BBQ season and Tailgate Season coming up--you can't stand around with a fork and an empty plate?! There's a new way to look at your diet and it's called "Flexitarianism."

FLEXI-ble vege-TARIAN. This means incorporating more legumes, nuts, whole grains, and greens into your meals while still indulging in the occasional serving of meat. Not everyone can handle a Cold-Turkey Meatless-Overnight lifestyle! And most people wouldn't want to. But for all the health benefits, incorporating a few vegetarian recipes into your week would be a very intelligent choice to make.

Not only does a plant-based diet help your waist line, it will also add years to your life and keep you looking and feeling good longer!

The American Cancer Society recommends a plant-based diet, and this is not news! An article dated back to 1997 describes the benefits of plant-based diets on prevention of cancer, especially cancer of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. Antioxidants are necessary to reduce the effects of free-radicals on our bodies. The Society goes as far as to say that meat consumption should be limited, and is linked to cancers of the colon and prostate.

Coming up this week: FLAXSEED: My sexiest food of the week and i'll tell you why!!!

For more information on the American Cancer Society, visit
And Search: Plant-Based Diets

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