Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Friend in Need

Somehow in my spare time, I have decided to start a charity helping out SoCal Families in Need during this difficult time. In the past, I would volunteer at food drives, soup kitchens in downtown LA, I've visited senior citizens, and during the terrifying Fire Storm of 2007, I volunteered at 2 Red Cross Shelters for 8 hours for which all volunteers were honored at Pechanga Resort & Casino.

This vision was fueled by my own Children's generosity. Every morning, my son Sergio (4) shows me which toys he'd like to donate to "little kids who don't have any." My twin daughters (2) say they want to "give away" the clothes that no longer fits them.

So, this will be a small effort at first and hopefully gain momentum. The family I've chosen this month (for June) is a family of 4 in Murrieta. Both parents work very hard to support their 2 children (7 and 12mos). I was approached by a friend who knew I had twin girls to see if i could donate any gently used clothes. I can't wait to help them out.

If you have anything cluttering your closets, let me know and i'll find a family that can benefit.

Thank you.

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