Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mi Primavera...

At long last, I have succumbed to the trend of the decade. Today, May 10th, marks my launch into the blog-i-verse.

My friends know I am a very busy girl with a strong message of compassion, health, longevity, and Verde-ism.

My goal here is to chronicle my efforts to improve our quality of life, from our eating habits, our social habits, our beauty rituals, fashion trends, and our impact on the universe.

Whole body-mind-soul-spirit-community-earth health and wellness is my ultimate mission.

Vegan Cheers to you!



Megan said...

Welcome to the blog-i-verse! :) Do you remember in HS when we had to memorize & recite poems? I think it was that 9th grade CP English class (what was that teacher's name? Lord of the Flies, Romeo & Juliett... I liked her... did it start with a "K"?)... but maybe it was 12th grade Landry's AP class? Anyways, you chose one of the longest poems on the list, but what was even more impressive was how beautifully you recited it--"Love is a deep and a dark and a lonely"-- I don't remember what I chose, but the length was definitely a deciding factor for me! I don't know what made that memory pop into my head! lol

Karinna said...

I cannot believe you remember which poem I recited! It all came back to me with the title!!! Amazing! I think i still remember the whole thing. I liked the ending: "like leaves of windflowers bending low...and bending to be never broken."

I still remember thinking you'd be a model someday. And the delicious Baklava you made for i think it was Humanities with Mrs. Paradowski. hehe!


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