Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Enjoy a 100% Vegan Life...

Do you see the horrific images of animal cruelty, the gory images that tell the grim tale of life for a farm animal in a Factory Farm and do you want to make a meaningful change in your everyday choices so you can stop the cruelty for good?

I felt the same way 5 years ago!  Although I made the decision to value the life of creatures enough to eliminate meat consumption altogether, you can make small changes in your lifestyle to begin to make an impact! 

Here is a list of just a few of the things I truly enjoy...many things are meaty, many things are buttery, many things are cheesy, and many things are absolutely delicious!

  • Gardein Meatless Ground "Beef" - My Favorite addition to Spaghetti, Albondigas, you name it!
  • Chorizo (SoyRizo, that is) - Possibilities are endless, and Trader Joes Soy Chorizo is incredible!
  • Butter, mmm! (Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread, of course!)
  • Daiya Cheese - try their brand new Cheese Wedges I just tasted at Natural Products Expo West!
  • Mouth-watering deli meats, from Roast 'Beef,' to 'Bacon'... Tofurky!
  • Rice Milk, Coconut Milk, and Soy Milk -- delicious!
Not-So Obvious Alternatives/Tips:
  • Sorbet! Hungry for Ice Cream? Try a creamy delicious Sorbet instead!
  • Baking: use applesauce or Ener-G egg replacer for a great cholesterol-free substitute!
  • Grilling:  make Portobello burgers, make your own brown rice and chickpea burger patties, grill Veggie Kabobs, or Boca Burgers!
  • Faux everything! You can find meatless alternatives in most major grocery stores.
  • Think Meat-Free! You can add garbanzo beans or edamame to a salad for extra protein!
  • Whole grains like Quinoa and Brown Rice are great protein sources!
 Where to Shop:
  • Most Vegan-friendly foods are available in your favorite grocery store's produce section!
  • Find hidden Vegan treats you'd never believe are cruelty-free! PeTA's excellent list here.
  • Whole Foods
  • Sprout's
  • Henry's 
  • Gelson's
  • Safeway
  • Your local Farmer's Market
Restaurants I love:
  • Native Foods Cafe
  • M Cafe 
  • Veggie Grill
Dining Out:
  • Fine-Dining: Call and plan ahead. All great chefs will accomodate your diet.
  • First, request a Vegan menu.
  • Ask for No Butter, Cheese, or Sour Cream
  • Ask chef to substitute any butter in a dish for Olive Oil
  • Ask which soups are vegan-friendly (not made with chicken broth)
  • Substitute! Get creative and ask your server to make clever substitutions for you, believe me if you set the example, and you look great and healthy, EVERYONE will want to know your secret!
Don't be afraid to be strict with this new lifestyle you've chosen!  Make a plan and stick to it!  When you have a strong conviction behind your choices, it is much easier to instill true ground-breaking change.  Warning: Not only will you feel healthier, you will look amazing as well!  I wish you the best of luck on your new journey into a healthful, kind and compassionate, globally-conscious way of life.  If you have any questions, please post below!

Once you make the transition, you will eventually stop craving and needing the flavors of meat and milk. Your senses of smell and taste will be enhanced as the heavy layers of animal grease stop coating and dulling your tastebuds (and clogging your arteries). As a Vegan, you will begin to automatically refuse the products that harm our fellow creatures so ruthlessly.  You will develop a compassionate outlook on life and realize that every decision you make, affects the world around you. 

Coming up on Verdelicious... How to make Eco-Conscious choices everyday!

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