Monday, March 26, 2012

ABC News Recognized with Genesis Award for Egg Farm Investigation

This weekend, ABC news producer,  Cindy Galli, accepted a Genesis award which recognized one of ABC News' most revealing and shocking documentary investigations on the horrific conditions at an American Egg Farm. This investigation led to millions of Americans choosing Free Range and Cage Free Eggs and even McDonald's boycotted the egg farm at the center of this investigation: Sparboe Farms.

If you have not seen it, click here ABC News wins Genesis award for Egg Farm Investigation.

Sadly, IOWA and OHIO legislature have since signed Ag-Gag bills into law which make reports like this unlawful.  Thanks to ABC News and Mercy For Animals' investigations, we now the truth and we, as consumers, can begin demanding the HUMANE treatment of animals used for consumption. 

Although I am Vegan, it still saddens me to know that my meat-eating friends could unknowingly continue to support factory farms whose workers torture animals and allow horrific conditions to exist within the United States.

As consumers, YOU can help decrease the demand for inhumanely produced eggs!  I hope you will inform yourself.  Arm yourself with knowledge on everything you consume.  Ignorance, in this case, can be fatal.  Research indicates that factory farms that neglect animals and maintain hazardous conditions breed disease; they use chemical hormones and potent antibiotics and carcinogenic pesticides; and diseases such as Salmonella and MRSA are bred in the filth.  Thousands of cases of Salmonella poisoning are reported each year.  Recently, a woman nearly lost her life due to Salmonella and must undergo daily treatments just to reverse the horrible effects of the food poisoning. 

In Ottowa, Canada today, there are reports of a massive Salmonella Outbreak caused by a negligent food caterer which has led to the infection of dozens of children and several adults.  Thousands of cases like this occur every year.  Please be informed consumers and support legislators who DO NOT support the Ag-Gag Bills!

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