Monday, December 6, 2010

Making an Impact

One of my missions in this lifetime is to make a positive impact on the world one person at a time, and show by example that being responsible inhabitants of our earth means making conscious choices everyday!

In addition to living an Eco-Responsible lifestyle, I also choose to live the rest of my life as a Vegan. Vegan means: not consuming animal products or by-products of any kind (no eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin -or meat/flesh), not purchasing or wearing animal skins, fur, or wool, and making the effort to use only cosmetics and pharmaceuticals not tested on animals in laboratories.

Through my website:, Twitter, or my Facebook page, I receive mail/messages/comments from my readers and viewers thanking me for the inspiration, recipe ideas, or just the positive motivation. Recently, I received a touching email from a reader who told me they stumbled upon my site through friends on facebook and spent an hour reading through my various articles and blog posts. "I had never thought about going green," she said, "sure I recycle and reuse things; i don't buy paper plates and cups and I separate my trash. But I had never thought about going vegan and really changing my lifestyle. All of the phrases and thoughts on your blog really hit me." She went on to tell me how a mother of one of her son's friends has cancer. She said that from now on, she will be thinking about everything she does at home and how it may be affecting the future of her children and her husband. "Your philosophy really wowed me, and really got me thinking."

I am very grateful for my readers' messages, it brings a personal level to what I do and makes everything worth it!

If I inspire others to try the Vegan lifestyle even just a few days out of the month, I know that these small changes will (#1) help our earth and environment immensely, (#2) bring more peace to each individual and the earth as a whole, and (#3) increase an individual's longevity and add years of health to their lifespan.

Vegans are peaceful, loving, caring, compassionate advocates of health, longevity, and responsibility. Open your minds, open your tastebuds, listen to your heart.

After all, we are--in essence--borrowing the earth and it's resources from our children and future generations. If you think of it in this way, perhaps you will take more time considering the effects of your actions on the earth, animals, and the environment.

Peace and Blessings during the Holidays!

♥ Karinna

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