Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekly Call to Action: Pesticide Danger

The food we love so much looks Very Delicious on our plates at our favorite fancy restaurant or served up at our own dinner tables. But looks will be deceiving if our government allows irresponsible farmers to spray cancer causing chemicals on our fruits and vegetables, polluting not only the fruit flesh we will be consuming, but also the water supply, runoff into soil, and the air we breathe. This should be considered criminal.

Please take a moment to urge California Governor-Elect Jerry Brown to reverse Governor Schwarzenegger's last minute decision to allow Methyl Iodide to be sprayed on Strawberry fields as a pesticide.

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What is Methyl Iodide? Methyl Iodide is a liquid chemical used as a pesticide and approved for use by the US EPA, which leaves me thinking, who is the EPA anyway and who is in their pockets? In a 2009 report, the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) concluded that Methyl Iodide fumigation "results in significant health risks for workers and the general population."
Several Nobel Laureates have spoken up against the approval of methyl iodide by the EPA, including Roald Hoffman, a Nobel Prize winning chemist at Cornell University.

According to an article on Nature.com, Tokyo-based Arysta Lifescience owns the patent on producing Methyl Iodide and had $1.3 BILLION in revenues in 2008.

Make a difference in two ways! First, sign the above petition on Change.org or submit your own letter to Governpr-elect Jerry Brown. AND choose organic produce everytime you shop. In these next few months, more than ever, this is imperative! If California rejects the use of Methyle Iodide, the US EPA will consider to re-review the pesticide for approval earlier than their planned 2013 review date. The time is now! Please take action.

Thank you!
* Karinna *

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