Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Meal at a Time

Our food industry has changed more drastically in the last 60 years than ever before in the history of human kind. That change has been brought on by industrialization and the effect of population growth on supply and demand. Food companies have become empires, farms have become factories, and farmers have been replaced with machines.

Animals are no longer seen as animals, they are referred to as "livestock," "cattle," "poultry," or "pork," and they are "grown" not raised. Huge factory farms are now the breeding ground for mutated disease-causing organisms which multiply rapidly among animals crammed so tight and knee deep in their own filth, feces, pus, and urine that the run off from these factory farms contaminates neighboring farms growing spinach, leafy greens, and other nutritious vegetables.

When we go to our grocery stores, we no longer look for in-season tomatoes. The tomatoes are always bright red, perfectly shaped, and shiny. When we need a quick meal, we no longer shop for wholesome ingredients to cook--we drive through the closest fast food establisment where we can feed a whole family for $10.00!

Salmonella outbreaks, E. Coli deaths, an increase in obesity, heart disease, digestive problems, allergies, immunities to antibiotics, diabetes and a myriad other health issues can be directly linked to our current Food Industry.

But where does your food come from? The transportation of food from thousands of miles away not only congests our highways, but also contributes to the amount of smog and pollution in the environment.

There are ways you can help change this epidemic. You can start by making informed decisions at every meal! You can start getting healthy and making a change ONE MEAL AT A TIME. Don't feed your children food that will cause them to have health issues in the future. Cheap food is not really inexpensive on a social, health, and environmental level.

Buy in-season produce

Shop at Farmer's Markets

Choose Organic produce

Buy free-range

Buy from socially responsible companies that treat their workers, animals, and the earth with respect.

Buy Local

Plant a garden in your own backyard, you will be proud to serve your guests and family food that you grew yourself!

And try a Vegan meal a few times a week!!!


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