Friday, August 28, 2009

Reflecting on a Glam Vegan World...

That's right...Glam. I've successfully bridged the hippie-slash-post-punk vegan world with the chic-refined-glamorous veg vixens on the other side of the social tracks. This is a trend in my life: bridging different people from different walks of life. I remember my senior year in high school--making the Varsity Cheer Squad while all my super smart academic classmates said "no, Karinna, don't do it! Cheer will change you!" Well, it didn't. I'm unchangeable yet evolving. Undeniably, so is our world and the essence of being human.

We inherently know we must remain paradoxically stable yet dynamic all at once. Certain rules bend, other rules disintegrate like Ptolemaic geocentrism. It's all about Perception!

My wildly diverse academic background fortunately equips me with some depth of substance when it comes to answering anti-vegan concerns. "Oh you're on a DIET?...But the bible says we can eat meat..." No, i don't need to "diet"--and I don't believe the horrific factory farms existed in biblical times. I pick my battles and often play the shallow card so as not to waste energy on a useless cause. The bittersweet duplicity to all of this, dare I say, is that 99% of the population has become so superficial that CC's trump IQ's!

Yes, I said it: silicone is more attractive than a baccalaureate. Until intelligence and inner beauty become popular again, I will use this knowledge to reach my audience effectively. So which direction do I go: The Road Not Taken or the road trodden black? Neither. There are more than 2 roads in my yellow wood, and I decided long ago to blaze my own trail.

Fortunate to have had an action-packed week! I've gone from donating goodies to a family in despair--hair up and tousled in a bun on Monday, to planning and coordinating a major event on Tuesday, to attending a classy book launch party representing a fine California Sparkling Wine on Wednesday, to tasting a heavenly Zin on Thursday, meeting a great Chef in Hermosa and Redondo Beach Saturday, to family fun in La Jolla and Carlsbad on Sunday...all the while touching people's lives with my message of Wellness and Compassionate Living.

I believe in health, compassion, and taking responsibility for our actions. I took a wrong turn Thursday in LA...saw a trash dump site with huge VOLVO cranes smashing down on GARBAGE which millions of people had blindly thrown into trash cans. Mountains of trash--synthetic and organic/biodegradable all mixed up together. The least each of us can do is Compost, Ban any single-use containers from our homes, Reuse, and Reduce when we can. And of course, take action in the recycling process. Shop local organic produce when possible; LEAD by example! (I wear my stainless steel water bottle on harbinger clip on my jeans as a statement; I demand the finest in organic produce; I send my son to Kindergarten with eco-friendly supplies and raw fruits and veggies because practicing what you preach is a great way to spread your message.)

I am confident that more of my friends will see that Going Veg once or twice a week [at least] is fun, exciting, healthy, and a worthy challenge with many global benefits. I personally don't let anything into my body unless it serves a purpose (nutrients) or pleasure (cocktails, wine, or dark chocolate to name a few)!

This week's reading list for my friends:

Skinny Bitch
Quantum Wellness
and for FUN:
The Bubbly Bar (a Cocktail Recipes book!)

Cheers to a Great Week!

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