Sunday, August 16, 2009

L.A.'s Green Pulse

Seeds of Green have sprouted in L.A. and the next generation of health conscious consumers now have diverse options on every corner--literally!

Restaurants, grocery stores, cleaners, gyms, coffee shops and businesses are all showing a strong dedication to raising health and environmental awareness.

Hungry for Health? Topping my list of Best Green-inspired Restaurants are: M Cafe, Cafe Flourish, Real Food Daily, Tender Greens, Green Leaves Thai, and Hugo's! I love clean and impeccable restaurants so M Cafe de Chaya takes #1 in cleanliness and taste; however, I would like to see more full-service Vegan restaurants in the near future! Veggie Vixens like to enjoy good service and fine dining just as much as everyone else.

Still far from the eco-conscious V-Topia I see in the future, the city continues to grow greener by the day. I've personally helped a few friends plant rooftop gardens in the city--a trend which I discovered in Manhattan is pleasantly sprouting in West Coast Urban hubs as well. Butterfly gardens, while not productive for culinary purposes, attract one of the planet's most beautiful pollinators and generate healthy oxygen for our concrete jungle. Some of our everyday veggie diet staples are the easiest to grow, so google urban gardening or hire a hottie with a green thumb and get a little dirty.

So for now, I take a deep breath outside of the city, but feel the beat calling me back to the city in SoCal with the hottest Green Pulse!

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