Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Ozzy Osbourne Going Vegan!

There is no doubt that once you are exposed to the truth about the food industry, you immediately begin to question your dietary choices.  People around the world are being touched by videos, films, personal accounts, word-of-mouth, and the powerfully positive energy that radiates from a truly compassionate Vegan like myself.

Five years ago, when I made the decision to eliminate ALL animal products and by-products from my life, there were almost NO resources, menu items, restaurants, or fellow vegans around me.  The fact that my conversion to a plant-based diet, fully vegan lifestyle, and globally-conscious worldview was backed up with so much passion made it easy to spread the word to everyone I met.  A few months later, feeling and looking my BEST in my life, more and more people started to notice!  My dearest friends in the community began to ask me for recipes and tips. 

Three years later, I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful and vibrant soul named Hayley Marie Norman (@xoHayleyMarie), who's incredible passion and energy was like a shining light for the Vegan community unlike any I'd seen so far.  Through word of mouth and through this sharing of knowledge and passion, the Vegan community is attracting a lot of attention.  The energy of this movement has exponentially grown beyond powerful!

Recently, films like I am an Animal, the story of Ingrid Newkirk Food, Inc.; Forks Over Knives; A River of Waste, and others have documented the horrors of the giant food industry including the harmful effects on our environment, economy, and our bodies.  These films expose the truth behind Factory Farms and the mega-industrialization of food production. Most of the atrocities that the food industry gets away with, would be considered acts of terror if a foreign entity was committing them!  As these films hit major cable networks or Netflix, they are reaching a vast audience.  Thanks to Twitter and other social media sites, we are finding that even celebrities are touched by these issues.

Recently, Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) and his wife (@katyperry) tweeted: "I'm now vegan, goodbye eggs, hello Ellen. RT : Me & the Mr. just watched "Forks Over Knives". You can get it on Netflix!"

Ozzy Osbourne (@OfficialOzzy) is the next celebrity in the public eye to adopt the Vegan diet.  He was interviewed by the ladies of The Talk on CBS this week and credited the film Forks Over Knives for his recent transformation.

Going VEGAN is the ultimate shift to a better lifestyle. 

For more information on how YOU can live a more rewarding, energetic, healthy long life, please contact me for a consultation!

Join me on my journey to improve our food industry, educate consumers on healthful choices, and eliminate disease caused by the food we eat.  This November 5th, make a pledge to GO VEGAN for one day.  On Facebook, visit, and on Twitter please mention @KarinnaZ and use Hashtag #GoVeganforKarinna and pledge to try a vegan meal on 11/05.

♥ Thank you! ♥

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