Friday, October 14, 2011

The Harvest - Where Does Your Food Come From?

A new documentary from Executive Producer Eva Longoria and the Producers of the Academy Award nominated film WAR/DANCE, comes out on DVD next Tuesday.  The Harvest takes a close look at the millions of children who work in the fields picking crops for Americans to eat.  This film reveals another truth behind the food industry which requires our attention.  These children earn $60.00 per week or less, and do not receive benefits of any kind.

As American consumers, we must be aware of how our food is harvested.  Compassion is a value not present in a food industry that thrives on embellishing the truth and hiding it behind cartoon characters, eye-catching packaging, and clever marketing campaigns.

"I eat food and I'm a responsible human being and if you are responsible, you have to know where your food comes from. You have to be aware of the practices that are used to get the food we are eating."  - Eva Longoria

The Harvest is another eye-opening documentary which will hopefully inspire change in the legislation to help these children live a normal life and not have to choose between school and laboring in the fields.

*  Buy Local produce when possible and know the hands that harvested your food.  *

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