Monday, January 31, 2011

PeTA's Sexy New Superbowl Ad

Warning: Content may not be suitable for meat-eaters of all ages.

PeTA's New Superbowl Ad. I love it, I think it could be shortened a lot for the Superbowl, but if Carl's Jr can show sexy women dripping juicy hamburgers all over themselves, and Go Daddy can show sexy girls fighting, then PeTA should be able to air this commercial! Go behind the scenes here. Go Veg!

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KarinnaZ said...

This is a little racy and taboo. However, when I lived in Germany during High School, I realized sexuality is only taboo in the US. In Europe, most people are open about sexuality and it creates less of a rigid, obsessive mentality surrounding the subject. Billboards of men's genitalia (in a non sexual way), and nude female bodies are featured on magazine covers in a non sexual way and no one is "shocked" to see these things. They just flip right by without becoming sexually aroused. If Carls Jr wants to air hot sexy women with hamburger juice dripping all over their chests and faces, Peta deserves the right to poke sexual fun in an ad promoting a healthful lifestyle as well. :)


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