Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank You, Alec Baldwin

In a recent contribution to the Huffington Post, Alec Baldwin describes the type of Governor that New York needs. He addresses many issues including budget deficits, environmental concerns, and the need for divorce and child custody reform. In his final statement he addresses one of the most horrific discoveries of the year on the Conklin Dairy Farm in Ohio. He states:
"On another, certainly more important note, did you see the video posted here regarding the Conklin Farm animal abuse story in Ohio? Let me assure you, someone risked their health and maybe their life to record that video. When you see this, you will never again doubt the necessity for and courage of the animal rights movement."
Animal rights and environmental supporters thank Alec Baldwin and other high profile celebrities for speaking out against animal abuse and for their courageous quest for a cruelty-free society.

Speak out, Question the Norm, and Live with Kindness!

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