Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Traditional Recipes Easily Vegan-ized!

Think you can't live without your traditional homestyle meals? As the weather begins to cool down and we layer on the clothes, let's not layer on the FAT with all the Holiday foods! I've put a healthy spin on dishes we all love!
Here is a list of recipes I will vegan-ize in my Vegan Cooking Classes this Fall! **I know I missed a lot of great ones, so leave me a comment with your favorite dish!**

-Eggs Benedict
-Eggs Florentine
-Egg Scramble
-Cafe Latte
-Pumpkin Muffins

-Cream Soups (Broccoli/Squash)
-Salad Dressings
-Mac 'n Cheez
-Stuffed Mushrooms

-Ice Cream

-Spaghetti & 'Meat'balls
-'Beef' Stew

-Lumpia/Egg Rolls
-'Chicken' Curry
-'Pollo' con Mole
-Arroz con 'Pollo'
-Frijoles Refritos
-Stir fry

...And so many more!

Fill out my contact form to register for classes! Be a semi-homemade vegan vixen! Ladies, we can make our meat loving men switch to healthier eating at least a few times a week! Lower your cholesterol, stabilize blood pressure, naturally achieve a healthy weight, radiate with a healthy glow, and WOW all your dinner party guests this season!

Leave a comment here if you have a recipe suggestion and I will do my best to "vegan-ize" it! My first class will be the Asian-inspired class! Look for my November Newsletter/Calendar in the next few weeks!

1 comment:

KarinnaZ said...

How could I forget the Game Day Grub?!?!?
And the Rainy Day staples:
-"Chicken" Soup a.k.a. Caldo de Pollo
-Stews and Casseroles


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