Friday, June 12, 2009

Power-Packed Gourmet in less than 15 mins...

This is for all my friends who have asked for

So, You Have Last Minute Guests....Need To Make A Healthy Gourmet Meal In...15 minutes?

Get Caffeinated, then try this no-nonsense recipe:

4 Cups Quinoa -- Prepared in Rice cooker (Takes 10-12 minutes. Rinse first)

1 bunch Asparagus spears (sauté separately in Earth Balance vegan butter and salt & pepper, covered for 8 minutes.)

1 Package Bean Sprouts (toss in a strainer, rinse, set aside)

8-10 Mushrooms (med-sized Button or Crimini) diced

1/2 Med. Onion diced

2 sm. Zucchini julienned

1 Baby Bok Choy (rinsed, cored, diced like celery)

Garlic (fresh or powdered) to taste

Tamari or Soy Sauce (low sodium preferred), to taste

Dash Salt and Pepper, to taste

2 tbsp Canola or Sesame oil

2 tbsp Earth Balance Vegan Butter-spread

First of all, rinse and cook Quinoa in your rice cooker and begin preparing Veggies.
Preheat pan.
Add oil & vegan butter and sauté veggies in order until caramelized about 5 minutes--except for the Asparagus (sauté separately) and the Sprouts (add at the very end for crispness).
Season with salt and pepper, soy sauce, and garlic powder.
By now, Quinoa should be cooked; add to stir fry pan and sauté 2 more minutes.
Finally throw in Sprouts, reduce heat and cover for 2 minutes.

Dinner is ready! Plate the Quinoa & Veggie Stir Fry then garnish with Asparagus Spears. If you have toasted Sesame Seeds, sprinkle the top after plating...yum!


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